We cater for all types of archery. Longbow, Recurve, Bare bow and Compound bows all welcome at our archery club.

All our archery club members receive free monthly tuition from our two qualified archery coaches:

Steve Scott - Longbow, Recurve and Bare Bow

Dave Dack - Compound Bow and Recurve.

The excellent facilities at St Faith’s give us a shooting range of 20metres indoors and 90metres outdoors.

Annual membership 

Subscriptions cover membership of Archery GB, Southern County and Regional fees, membership of St Faith's Centre and hire of facilities, renewal of basic equipment and weekly charges for electricity when using the hall during the winter shoot.

New to archery?

Anyone who is interested is welcome to come and see us practicing our archery skills any Sunday. Set up of equipment starts at 9am and we are generally ready to shoot by 9.45 - 10am, finishing at 12.30. If you would like to come and have a go just let us know and a bow and arrows will be provided for you.

Anyone under 18 must be accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian

The social side..

We are a small but friendly club, helping and encouraging each other to improve our skills. For all of us shooting is fun and we like to have a laugh, but it's always safety first! It has become a bit of a tradition that after the shoot we adjourn to the local pub for a drink and a chat. Each year we have a Christmas fun shoot before the AGM where we all have our say and sort ourselves out for the year ahead, all followed by an excellent Christmas lunch.