Our 10 meter pool is open all day, every day and maintained at a constant temperature between 29 to 30 degrees. Whether you want to unwind in the pool or take advantage of the 'resistance swimming' feature, which simulates swimming against a river current in a safe pool environment, we've got you covered. The pool has a depth of 3ft/0.9m in the shallow end and 5.5ft/1.65m in the deep end.

Additionally, we have an integrated Jacuzzi that can be activated as needed and operates on a timer. If you're looking for relaxation, our spacious sauna is equipped with hot coals and a steam facility. For convenience, we also provide separate toilet and shower facilities, complete with a baby changing mat and a pop-up playpen suitable for babies and toddlers, all available for your use.

Private hire of the pool area is available for £15 per hourly session.

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