07 Feb

Tools With A Mission is a registered charity that collects items rather than money. The items collected are, if it is required, refurbished and then despatched to various countries around the world but particularly African countries where they are firstly used to teach the, mainly, younger members of the population how to use them. Once they have acquired a skill level to use them safely they are given the tools so that they can use them to start their own business. Which, in turn, allows them to help their families rise out of the poverty level. The tools accepted are. Garden tools, spades, shovels, rakes, forks, loppers cultivators etc. Building tools, spirit levels, crowbars, sledge and lump hammers, cold chisels, etc. Carpenters tools, clamps, hand and electric drills, drill bits, all types of hammers, planes, saws, etc Electricians tools, allen keys, hacksaws, spanners, soldering irons, voltmeters wire strippers, mulitmeters etc. Garage & Mechanics tools, files, vices, gauges, pliers, socket sets, cantilever tool boxes, hydraulic jacks, axle stands, battery charges, tyre pressure gauges, etc Power tools, bench drills, sanders, jigsaws, all types of electric saw, lathes, welding machines, bench and angle grinders, routers etc. Sewing & Knitting tools, Manual, electric, treadle industrial sewing machines, knitting needles, patterns, machine and hand wool, sewing needles, cotton, large pieces of material, buttons, zips, tapes etc, Fully working IT equipment, desktop and lap top computers (at least Microsoft windows 7) tablets, cables. (They cannot accept scanners, printers or typewriters) Bibles in modern English (Not KJV) If you think that you have any thing to donate please contact: frances.scarff01@gmail.com or peterlholness@gmail.com

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